Concrete Cutting Grinding Drilling Sunshine Coast to Brisbane

Concrete Cutting Sunshine CoastBrisbane and Sunshine Coast Concrete Cutting Specialists

We specialise in all concrete cutting projects including…..

Floor Sawing

  • Slab demolition.
  • Ideal for flat, horizontal surfaces such as floors, roads, bridges or jetties.
  • Utility installation, upgrade and repairs.
  • Curb, gutter and footpaths for new drive ways.
  • Removal of damaged concrete.
  • Cutting from 10mm to 400mm to a chalk line.
  • Good for expansion joints.

Core Drilling

  • Creation of penetrations for plumbing, electrical and mechanical applications.
  •  Core holes cut from 25mm OD to over 350mm to any depth.
  • Can be carried out mechanically or hand held.
  • Stitch drilling also available for non-standard concrete thickness.

Hand Sawing

  • The last word in demolition hand tools for masonry products.
  • Petrol hydraulic or electric power saws.
  • Cut to a depth of 260mm.
  • Ideal for cutting doorways, personal to vehical size.
  • Window openings.
  • Air conditioning penetrations.
  • Chainsaw for square cut coners.


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To get in touch, head over to the contact page or call on 0417 601 483.

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